GHS Contributions are as follows:

Employees will contribute 2.65% of their income and employers will contribute 2.9% of their employees’ income. Self-employed will contribute 4% and pensioners, income-earners and government officials will contribute 2.65%.

Apart from the above contributions, each beneficiary will be required to pay  some co-payments for specific types of health care services, with a maximum yearly amount of €150 for the general population and €75 for recipients of Guaranteed Minimum Income, low- income pensioners and children up to the age of 21.

  • For visiting a health specialist, co-payments will be €6
  • For diagnostic tests, co-payments will be €10
  • For pharmaceutical products, there will be a co-payment of €1 per product. For laboratory tests there will be a co-payment of €1 per test with total maximum charge per category of lab tests to be up to €10.
  • For visiting other health professionals such as physiotherapists, beneficiaries will pay €10 per visit.
  • In cases of Emergency Room Visits there will also be a co-payment of €10

In case a beneficiary visits a Specialist directly, without being referred by their General Practitioner, there will be a charge of €25 which, however, will not be considered as a co-payment and will not count towards the maximum yearly amount of such co-payments.

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